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Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground - A Green Sports Facility in Lam Tin, Hong Kong

Sai Tso Wan Recreation GroundSai Tso Wan Recreation Ground is a 2.7-hectare multi-purpose recreational facility in Lam Tin, Hong Kong. It is known as the first development of its kind that was built on a restored landfill (Sai Tso Wan Landfill). It was built not only to provide a public recreational venue but also to promote environmental protection and educate the public to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Construction of the recreational ground began in 1995 and finished in 2004. A number of green features and pollution control facilities were installed during construction to ensure that the site is safe for public use and does not contribute to environmental degradation. The successful project proved that landfills can be restored and developed into useful recreational venues for the public.

The recreational park is comprised of a multi-purpose grass pitch for soccer and baseball, two batting cages for practising baseball, a children's play area, a jogging track and ancillary facilities. The ground is a training venue for the National Squad of the Hong Kong Baseball Association.

Some of the park's green features include the use rubber soil as sub-base material underneath the paving blocks. Rubber soil is a lightweight and porous construction material produced from rubber chips derived from waste rubber tyres and cementitious materials.

Paving blocks on the footpaths are made from construction waste and waste glass while rubber chips derived from scrap tires were used to make the rubber mats installed in the children's play area and the jogging track.

There are also a wind turbine and solar panels which generate electricity from natural sources. Electricity generated from the wind turbine is used for a street light in the recreation ground while that from the solar panels is used for the fluorescent lights in the reception area and the exhaust fans of a store room.

There is also an environmental gallery in the recreation ground to display information on waste management in Hong Kong.

Located adjacent to Lam Tin MTR Station, the ground is a common sporting destination of many residents in Lam Tin. It is open from 7am to 11pm daily.

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