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Shaolin Wushu Cultural Centre - Learn Traditional Martial Arts in Hong Kong

Shaolin Wushu Cultural Centre - Tai O, Hong KongShaolin Wushu Cultural Centre is a low-key martial arts school located outside the centre of action in Tai O, about 15 minutes from Ngong Ping 360 at the western side of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It offers students and visitors fascinating insights to authentic Shaolin martial arts such as Kung Fu.

Run by a team of higly experienced instructors, who were themselves trained at the original Shaolin temple, the centre also teaches body training and Zen meditation techniques.

Set in a bucolic environment, the centre is comprised of an outdoor training ground, a canteen serving authentic Shaolin-style vegetarian meals, and accommodations for students and visitors (five hostel rooms good for a total of 64 people).

Other nearby attractions include the Hung Shing Temple, Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery.

The Shaolin Wushu Cultural Centre is located at Shek Tsai Po Street in Tai O. To get there, take buses route 11 in Tung Chung Town to Tai O (about 50 minutes) or take bus route 21 from Ngong Ping to Tai O (20 minutes). Go to Shek Tsai Po Street on foot.

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