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Shing Mun Valley Park - A Public Park with Sports Facilities in New Territories, Hong Kong

Shing Mun Valley Park - Rose GardenThe Shing Mun Valley Park is located at Shing Mun Road, adjacent to Cheung Shan Estate and Shek Wai Kok Estate in Tsuen Wan, New Territories. It sits on the former site of the Cheung Pei Shan Temporary Housing Area and temporary playgrounds. Upon demolition of the housing area and the playgrounds, the site was developed into the Shing Mun Valley Park and the Shing Mun Valley Sports Ground by the former Regional Council. They were open to the public on 15 December 1997 and 1 August 1998 respectively.

The Shing Mun Valley Park covers a total land area of 10.73 hectares. It is divided into two sections: the North Garden and the South Garden. The park is equipped with both active and passive recreational facilities and serves as an ideal place for sports and leisure for the public.

Tennis courts, fitness corner for elderly and a children's play area are located in the North Garden while facilities at the South Garden include a 7-a-side hard surfaced soccer pitch cum handball court, basketball courts cum volleyball court, fitness corner for elderly, pebble walking tiles and a children's play area. There is also a four-tier 3,500-square meter artificial water feature and a rose garden.

The nearby Shing Mun Valley Sports Ground contains an 11-a-side grass soccer pitch and an 8-lane all-weather 400-m running track.

The South Garden is open daily from 6:30am to 11:00pm while the North garden is open 24 hours everyday. To get to Shing Mun Valley Park South, take the following buses:

  • KMB Route No.32(from Shek Wai Kok Estate to Olympic Railway Station)
  • KMB Route No.32B(from Cheung Shan Estate to Tsuen Wan West Railway Station)
  • KMB Route No.32M(from Cheung Shan Estate to Kwai Fong Railway Station)
  • Public Light Bus(from Hoi Pa Street to Cheung Shan Estate)
  • Green Minibus Route No.82M(from Siu Wo Street to Cheung Shan Estate)

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