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SoHo - Hong Kong's Entertainment Centre

SoHo - Central, Hong KongThe SoHo district is an entertainment zone located in Central, Hong Kong. Its name is derived from South of  Hollywood Road, being located on the southern end of one of the city's oldest thoroughfares which has become known for its antique shops and furniture stores. The heart of SoHo district is Staunton Road and Elgin Road.

The district used to be home to small shops selling porcelain and was a favorite hang out of elderly locals. When the Central-Mid-Levels escalator was built in 1993, the area became vibrant with the opening of trendy restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, antique shops and clothing stores.

It also became very popular among expats who moved into the area because of the cheaper rent compared to other expat areas in Hong Kong and its close proximity to the business district. While there are establishments selling the usual Hong Kong fares, SoHo is dominated by restaurants and cafes serving European and Western dishes.

Apart from the restaurants, entertainment establishments and quaint shops, SoHo boasts of old and new structures making it a popular sightseeing destination.

Other attractions near the area include Dai Pai Dongs in Graham Street, selling all sorts of street food. Hollywood Road, dubbed as the city's Art District, is where you can find antique shops that stretches from the Central District Police Station to Man Mo Temple and Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street).

Another shopping destination in the area is Pottinger Street, called Stone Slabs Street by the locals after its rare granite stone pavers. There are many shops here selling apparel, accessories and jewelry.

How to get there:
MTR Central Station, Exit D2, walk along Queen's Road Central towards The Center. Then take the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and get off at Staunton, Shelley or Elgin streets.

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