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Southorn Playground - A Sports and Recreational Venue in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Southorn Playground - Wan Chai, Hong KongSouthorn Playground is a public recreational venue with various sports facilities located in the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong. It was named after Sir Wilfrid Thomas Southorn, the Colonial Secretary (second highest position of Hong Kong Government) in 1925-1936.

The site, which contains a football field with spectator stand, four basketball courts, and a children's playground, is one of Wan Chai's most important public spaces. The site was originally designated as a place for poor children to soak up some sunshine and brighten up the gloom in the 1920s. It was then converted into a naval base in the 1930s and a night market in 1950s.

In the 80s, the Hong Kong government refurbished the site, incorporating facilities for basketball and football games, as well as, a children's play area, which remain unchanged to this day.

Today, senior citizens while away time in Southorn Playground by playing Chinese chess while young athletes regard the park as one of their favorite spots for football and basketball. In fact, it one of the most well-known basketball courts in Hong Kong and has become the venue for the annual Adidas Streetball Challenge.

It is also a place where local housewives jog or exercise while their kids are having fun in the playground. The site is also used in community events such as fairs and sports competitions.

Other facilities include toilets, changing rooms, and floodlights for nightime games. The playground is open daily, from 6am to 11:30pm. It is bound by Hennessy Road in the North, Luard Road (West), Johnston Road (South) and Southorn Centre (East).

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