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St. Margaret's Church - A Beautiful Catholic Church in Happy Valley, Hong Kong

St. Margaret's Church - Happy Valley, Hong KongSt. Margaret's Church is a small Roman Catholic church located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong near Causeway Bay. It is an active church serving a small congregation and a popular wedding venue. The church is listed as a Grade II historical building. Built in 1923, this place of worship is the first cathedral named after St Margaret Mary Alacoque. It features Italian basilica style architecture with classical and Gothic elements in the interiors. Some of its notable architectural highlights include the four Corinthian columns and rose windows on the facade. Beautiful stained glass windows decorate the interiors. While small compared to other places of worship in Hong Kong, St. Margaret's Church's simplicity and elegance makes it popular among couples who want to get married. The grand stone staircase up front adds to its picturesque charm. St. Margaret's Church is located at 2A Broadwood Road, Hong Kong. Mass is celebrated everyday in Cantonese. On Sundays, one of the mass is celebrated in English while another is in Japanese.

Photo credit: By Tksteven via Wikimedia Commons

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