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Stonecutters Bridge - An Engineering Marvel in Hong Kong

Stonecutters Bridge Hong KongStonecutters Bridge is a high level cable-stayed bridge which spans the Rambler Channel, connecting Nam Wan Kok, Tsing Yi island and Stonecutters Island from which it was named after. It is considered as the world's second longest spanning cable-stayed bridge, with a main span of 1,018m. Construction of the bridge started on April 2004 and was officially opened to trafic on December 2009.

The bridge has 3 lanes in each direction and two 295m-high single pole towers which support it, one erected on Tsing Yi Island and the other on Stonecutters Island. It serves as the centrepiece of the new Route 8 strategic link, a 7.6km long, dual three-lane expressway linking Cheung Sha Wan and Tsing Yi Island. Route 8 improves access between the International Airport and the urban areas of West Kowloon, and provides enhanced links to the container port.

It is a breathtaking structure and can be seen from a large part of Hong Kong and the islands. Because of its sheer size and the fact that Hong Kong is susceptible to very strong typhoon winds, state of the art engineering techniques were employed in designing and building the bridge. In fact, the challenges in constructing the Stonecutters Bridge was featured on the Discovery Channel's "Extreme Engineering" twice. It also won the 2010 Supreme Award at the annual Structural Awards presented by the Institution of Structural Engineers, United Kingdom.

Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong

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