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Sun Museum - Promoting Chinese Arts and Culture

Sun Museum - Hong KongSun Museum is a private, non-profit museum located on the 4th floor of the SML Tower on Hoi Bun Road along the Kwun Tong waterfront. It was established by the Simon Suen Foundation in 2013 to promote Chinese arts and culture.

With the emphasis on China and Hong Kong art and culture, the museum is designed according to the traditional Chinese concept of the five-elements to strive for everlasting movement and change as well as smooth operation. It boasts a total area of 12,500 sq. ft. with 5,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space which features art pieces on loan from collectors, artists and other cultural bodies. The exhibition hall has two walls facing each other with one painted beige white and the other red. They represent the elements metal and fire respectively. There is also viewing area with a commanding view of the Kwun Tong waterfront promenade and the harbour.

Sun Museum Hong Kong Exhibition Area

Exhibition Hall

The administrative office, considered the heart of the museum, is positioned in the centre of the venue. According to the five-elements concept, the office represents earth and the walls should therefore be in yellow.

The corridor is painted in harmonious green and brown to reflect the wood element. On the other hand, the main entrance is painted red to symbolize fire. The combination of wood and fire gives life and vitality to the museum.

Sun Museum Hong Kong - The Terrace

The Terrace

Located on the northern side is a 4,100 sq. ft outdoor court known as the Terrace which features black brick floor and surrounding wall to represent the water element. Wooden fences and furniture not only provide an ambience of comfort for visitors but also reflect the power of water to sustain wood. Brick, being fired clay, is classified as earth within the five-elements. On the basis that wood controls earth, wooden furnishings of the terrace will eliminate excess earth energy, thereby enhancing prosperity.

Museum hours are 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays. Exhibitions are changed on a regular basis. Admission is free but an appointment is required prior to visit.

How to get there:

Ngau Tau Kok Station, Exit B6
Kwun Tong Station, Exit B3

By Mini Bus:
22A from Ngau Tau Kok Station stops right in front of SML Tower

By Bus:
Kwun Tong Ferry Pier: 11D , 23 , 69C, 74C , 74D , 74E , 74P , 74X , 80 , 80P , 80X , 83X , 93A , 258X , 259X , 268C , 269C , 269S , 274X , T277

By Ferry:
From North Point Pier
From Sai Wan Ho

By Car:
Via Kwun Tong By-pass: Take exit 2C toward Kwun Tong Industrial Area. At the round about, take the 2nd exit to turn left onto Wai Yip Street and continue onto Hoi Bun Road. SML Tower is on your right.

Kwun Tong Harbour Plaza
MG Tower
SML Tower (Parking space is extremely limited in the building. Parking fees apply)

Photo credit: sunmuseum.org.hk

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