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Sung Wong Toi Park - A Memorial to a Historic Rock in Kowloon

Sung Wong Toi ParkSung Wong Toi Park is a small garden in Ma Tau Wai, Kowloon, which was specially built to be the home of an important historic relic called Sung Wong Toi. The relic is a massive block of stone that used to be part of a 45-metre tall boulder sitting on the top of Sacred Hill in Ma Tau Chung above Kowloon Bay.

The boulder is historically significant because it was inscribed with the phrase Sung Wong Toi which literally means Terrace of the Sung Kings and believed to have been a memorial to the last two boy emperors of the Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Shi and Zhao Bing, who came to Hong Kong to escape the Mongolian invasion from the north in 1277 and took refuge under the massive rock.

During the Second World War, the occupying Japanese leveled the Sacred Hill to build an extension of the Kai Tak Airport. The boulder was dislodged by blasting but the portion with Chinese inscription remained intact. After the war, the remaining fragment of the boulder (about one-third of the original rock) was shaped into a rectangular block and placed in a park specially constructed for it, the Sung Wong Toi Garden. Two engraved stone tablets, one in English and one in Chinese, tell visitors how the legendary rock got to its current home.

Apart from the rock, the garden features sprawling green lawns, shady trees, open areas, walking paths and a fountain.

The park is located at the junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and Ma Tau Chung Road, in the center of Kowloon City District. It is very close to the stone's original site. The park was first opened to the public in the winter of 1945.

How to get there: Take bus no. 5 or 1A from Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Bus Terminus and get off at Prince Edward Rd East. Go back to Ma Tou Wai Rd and you will see the park after a few minutes’ walk.

Sung Wong Toi Park in Kowloon City District, Hong Kong Photos

Sung Wong Toi Park

The historic rock at Sung Wong Toi Park

Sung Wong Toi Park


Sung Wong Toi Park

The Sung Wong Toi boulder before the war


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