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Tai Mei Tuk - Hong Kong's best barbecue place at "the very end"

Tai Mei Tuk, which literally means "the very end" in Cantonese, is located at the northwestern end of the Plover Cove Reservoir. It is a popular Hong Kong attraction known for nature trails, cycling, barbecues and beautiful scenery.

Sitting between Tolo Harbour and a razor-sharp ridge of mountains, Tai Mei Tuk provides picturesque ocean and mountain views.

Aside from swimming, other activities that can be enjoyed there include  fishing, boating, biking (bike rentals abound in the village), kite-flying and collecting shells from the beach.

There are plenty of restaurants serving local cuisine in the village but Tai Mei Tuk is best known for family barbecues.

To get to Tai Mei Tuk, take green minibus number 20C or bus number 75K from Tai Po Market MTR station.

Tai Mei Tuk Photo Gallery

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