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Tai O Infinity Pool - One of Lantau Island's Best Natural Attractions

Tai O Infinity Pool - Hong KongLantau, Hong Kong's largest island is home to a bevy of popular tourist attractions including the Tian Tan Buddha and the Disneyland Resort. But what many tourists are unaware of is the existence of a magnificent infinity pool in the remote village of Tai O.

Nestled in a lush environment, the infinity pool, also called Man Cheung Po - Shui Lo Cho pool, is popular among hikers and nature lovers for its scenic views and cool water perfect for  refreshing dips after a hike.

The pool was formed when a dam was built in a ravine where a waterfalls runs. The name was derived from "Man Cheung Po" which means "The Ten Thousand Feet Waterfall," and Shui Lo Cho or "the Roaring Waterway," the sound made by the rushing water at the lower course of the falls.

While popular among locals, the infinity pool remains uncrowded because of its secluded location which can only be accessed by foot. But those who have gone there swear that it is worth the visit.

How to get there: From Tai O Road, follow the catchwater road of Keung Shan to its end, then find a paved path up to Lung Tsai Ng Yuen.

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