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Tai-O Village - The Venice of Hong Kong

Tai-O is a fishing village located on the west side of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The village is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces Macau and Zhuhai across the Lingding Ocean in the west. It sits on a fork created by a river that split into the north and west.  Early inhabitants built their homes on stilts along the river banks, giving the village the monicker "Venice of Hong Kong."

Aside from fishing, Tai-O Village is also known as a salt mine.  At present, however, fishing lifestyle is dying out in Tai Po but it still remains a hot tourist spot for both foreigners and residents of other parts of Hong Kong. The old-style fishing port and custom provides tourist with a glimpse of the Hong Kongers' way of life from the bygone era.

For a small fee, some residents will take tourists out on their boats along the river and for short jaunts into the sea. Many tourists come to Tai-O Village specifically to take these trips to see Chinese white dolphins, or the rare dolphin species that thrive in this area of Hongkong. It is also a good place to see the sunset.

Tai Po is also the location of several historical structures that are considered heritage buildings. These include Yeung Hau Temple (built in 1699), Old Tai O Police Station, Kwan Tai Temple (1741), Tin Hau Temple (1772), Hip Wo Se Hok (which used to be a school), and Hung Shing Temple (1746).

Also worth a visit at Tai O is the village's local market, which is a stretch of street lined with various shops, selling dried seafood, snacks, fruits, fabrics, medicinal materials, etc. Walking on the streets, tourists are treated to the aroma of salted fish and shrimp sauce which are popular local fare in Tai O.

For tourists who want to stay for a few days to explore the village and other nearby Hong Kong attractions such as the Tian Tan Buddha and Ngong Ping 360 scenic cable car, the Tai O Heritage Hotel offer comfortable accommodations.

How to get to Tai-O  Village:
Take a ferry boat to Mui Wo at ferry No.6 of the Central; after disembarking, take bus No.1 to Tai O.
Alternatively, take bus No.11 to Tai O at downtown Tung Chung.

Attractions in Tai-O Village, Hong Kong

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