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Tai Tam Country Park - A sprawling natural attraction in Hong Kong Island

Located in the Eastern corner of Hong Kong Island, Tai Tam Country Park is a sprawling 1,315 hectares natural park.  From Jardine's lookout in the North, it spreads across rolling slopes of The Twins to end at the Southern border on Stanley Gap Road. The park was designated in 1977 and occupies about one fifth of Hong Kong Island's entire land area.

The park boasts of some of the most popular and awe-inspiring natural attractions in Hong Kong such as:

Jardine's Lookout
A mountain in Hong Kong Island named after William Jardine, founder of Jardine Matheson. It is located Southeast of the Wan Chai district and South of the Tai Hang area, at an altitude of about 433 metres. It is now a upper-class neighborhood with scenic views. Nearby hills include Mount Nicholson, Violet Hill and Mount Butler etc.

Tai Tam Upper Reservoirs
A group of reservoirs located in the Tai Tam Country Park, consisting of the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir, Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir, Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, and Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir.

Tai Tam Forts
Tai Tam was a bloody battleground during World War II where Japanese forces met strong resistance from the defending British troops. Remnants of war, such as forts, magazines and wartime communal stoves remain in the area to serve as historical reminders.

Mount Parker
Known as the second highest peak (531 metres) in Hong Kong Island

Mount Butler
A 436 m high hill on Hong Kong Island.

To get to Tai Tam Country Park, take the MTR train to Admiralty station Exit A and then take a taxi straight to Tai Tam. It would take around  18 minutes to reach the park via a taxi.

Tai Tam Country Park Photo Gallery


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