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Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse - A Declared Monument in Hong Kong

Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse - Hong KongThe Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse, is a speck of white on the small green island of Tang Lung Chau off the south coast of Ma Wan. The lighthouse, and its adjoining lighthouse keeper's house, is a declared monument of Hong Kong. It was the second lighthouse to be designated as an historical monument.

Also called Kap Sing Lighthouse, it was put into service on 29 April 1912 and is one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong. The lighthouse is comprised of a 11.8-metre high high skeletal steel tower with a white lantern on top. The tower and light apparatus were manufactured in England.

Though unmanned, the lighthouse is fully operational. It is now automated and powered by solar panels. It is under the management of the Marine Department.

The adjoining former light keeper's house is made of bricks and contains a bedroom, a kitchen, a latrine and a storage room. There was no spring or fresh water supply on the island so the light keeper of Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse use the rainwater which was collected from the roof and then diverted into underground tank.

Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse

Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse

Tang Lung Chau Island - Hong Kong

Tang Lung Chau Island

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