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Tap Mun Island - One of Hong Kong's Best Kept Secrets

Tap Mun IslandTap Mun, also called Grass Island, is a small island located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong, between Mirs Bay and the North Channel. It used to be a farming and fishing village, home to over 2,000 residents. The island's population have since dwindled after many residents moved to the city.

Today, only about 100 people live on the island, running businesses or restaurants for visiting tourists. The island is a popular destination among local tourists who are seeking respite from the city's hustle and bustle. Attractions on the island include amazing ocean and nature views, centuries-old temples and quaint restaurants offering some of the best seafood in Hong Kong.

Tap Mun provide panoramic views of Kung Chau to the east, the South Channel to the south, Wan Tsai to the west and Long Harbour to the southwest. The island's grassy hilltop offers excellent viewing spots as well as a camping site. There are three ancient temples in the island: the Tin Hau Temple (built in 1737), its adjoining Kwan Tai Temple, and the Shui Yuet Kung or "water moon temple" which is dedicated to Kwun Yam (Guan Yin) and the Earth God. The Tin Hau Temple is a Grade II historic building, while Shui Yuet Kung is listed as Grade III.

Apart from seafood, the few small dining establishments on the island are also known for serving ice-cold milk tea drink. Sun-dried fishes are also sold by local fishermen and are popular amongst tourists.

There are also several hiking trails and natural attractions including the Tap Mun Cave and the Balance Rock, a huge rock sitting on another.

Tap Mun is accessible via the following ferry services:

Wong Shek Pier in Sai Kung - leaves for Tap Mun about once every two hours, with a higher frequency on holidays.

Ma Liu Shui Pier near Chinese University in Tai Po - leaves twice daily, with an extra departure on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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