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The Wisdom Path - A little known attraction in Lantau Island

Wisdom Path, Hong KongThe Wisdom Path is a little known tourist attraction on Lantau Island. It is near the Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. It is a must visit attraction for those who wish to experience peace and tranquility.

The Wisdom Path features the Heart Sutra, one of the world’s best known Buddhist sutras or prayers. The 260-word prayer is inscribed on 38 wooden rectangular beams or obelisks. The beams, which are erected outdoors, are in the shape of a figure eight representing infinity. The inscriptions, which used Chinese calligraphy, is a work of art.

The beams, which range between eight and ten feet tall, blend well with the beautiful mountainside. Visitors walk between the beams reading the solemn words.  Even if you are not familiar with Chinese writings, you can still get awed by the beautiful calligraphy.

How to get to the Wisdom Path:

Take the ferry from Central Pier, Hong Kong Island to Silvermine Bay (Mui Wo),Lantau Island. Then, take bus #2 to Po Lin Monastery.

Take Mass Transit Railway (MTR) to Tung Chung Station. Then take bus #23 to Po Lin Monastery.

The Wisdom Path, Hong Kong

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