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Hong Kong's Ting Kau Bridge - The World's First Major 4-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge

Ting Kau Bridge - Hong KongThe Ting Kau Bridge is another engineering marvel in Hong Kong.  It spans a total of 1,177 meters from the northwest of Tsing Yi Island and Tuen Mun Road. It serves as major connector between the Hong Kong International Airport on Lantau Island and the rest of Hong Kong. It was completed in 1998.

The bridge is the world's first major 4-span cable-stayed bridge. It features three towers with heights of 170m, 194m, and 158m, located on the Ting Kau headland, on a reclaimed island in Rambler Channel and on the north-west Tsing Yi shoreline respectively.

Because of the arrangement of separate decks on both sides of the three towers, the bridge is much slender in appearance which is favourable under heavy wind and typhoon conditions.

Each deck carries three traffic lanes and a hard shoulder. Spanning the 900m wide Rambler Channel, the Ting Kau Bridge ranks amongst one of the longest cable stayed bridges in the world. It is also one of the busiest bridges in Hong Kong and carries heavy traffic volume from container trucks travelling to and from mainland China and the HK container port.

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