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Top 6 Diving Sites in Hong Kong

Top 6 Diving Sites in Hong KongHong Kong is well-known for it's modern skyscrapers, well-preserved Colonial buildings and massive shopping malls. However, Asia's World City is also rich in natural attractions including beautiful mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and idyllic beaches.

Surrounded by over 700km of coastline, Hong Kong is also home to a unique underwater topography teeming with a wide range of reef fish species, hard and soft corals, and other marine life. While Hong Kong's diving sites may not be as impressive as those from Australia and Hawaii, these underwater wonderlands are still worth visiting.

East Ping Chau Island around Mirs Bay is a great area for turtle spotting, anemone fish and a wide variety of soft and hard corals. Drift diving is popular in this area due to the ever-present current.

Nearby is Port Island which offers a rocky bottom and hard coral patches.

Located in the center of Mirs Bay is Shek Ngau Chau or Breaker Reef which is home to some spectacular coral patches. Many large fish species and sharks are often seen at this site, however it is also popular with fishermen so divers need to be aware of fishing lines and nets whilst underwater. Hoi Ha Wan is a pleasant shore dive that is perfect for training dives. Easily accessible if driving by car, this area also features a wreck site where anemones and nudibranchs have made their homes.

Ninepins is one of the best diving sites in all of Hong Kong. Located to the east of Clearwater Bay, this site is a uniquely shaped rock formation where divers can spot all sorts of marine life such as frogfish, seahorses, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and scorpion fish.

Pedro Blanco is a fantastic and worthwhile pinnacle dive about 2 hours by boat from Hong Kong Island. Here divers can spot some of the ever-popular pelagic species such as rays, blue marlins and even whale sharks if visiting between April and July. Pedro Blanco is often used as a training site for technical and deep divers. As with many of the great sites in Hong Kong, Pedro Blanco is subject to illegal dynamite fishing. Due to its remote location it is difficult for authorities to monitor the illegal fishing activity going on here.

Aberdeen, located in the south west between Hong Kong Island and Ap Lei Chau, is another good diving spot. This relatively shallow site is popular with macro diving enthusiasts but it should be noted that on the western side lies a shipping lane which can be hazardous to divers not paying attention. The site lies at a depth of between 8 and 18 meters and divers can spot crustaceans, nudibranchs and other odd-looking critters.

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