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Tsing Yi Promenade - A Waterfront Recreational Park in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

Tsing Yi Promenade - Hong KongTsing Yi Promenade is a waterfront recreational park located along the northeastern harbour of Tsing Yi Island, in New Territories, Hong Kong.  It is facing the Rambler Channel, from Greenfield Garden, through Tsing Yi Pier and Maritime Square to Cheung Fat Estate in Hong Kong. Adjacent to it is the Tsing Yi North-East Park.

The 1,800-metre long promenade was built in stages from 2001 to 2004 and includess areas for jogging, exercising, or even practising T'ai chi. The 6.6- hectare site also contains children's playgrounds, open area for cultural performances and community gatherings, seating areas, pavilions and a 2-storey gazebo offering excellent vantage point to view the breathtaking harbour.

On both ends of the promenade are a large sports grounds with a track and a recreational area with basketball and soccer courts, and a biking/jogging trail.

To get to the Tsing Yi Promenade, take MTR to Tsing Yi Station. Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade is by the Maritime Square.

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