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Tung Chung Fort - A glimpse to Hong Kong's military history

Tung Chung Fort - Lantau Island, Hong KongTung Chung Fort is a historic fort located in Ha Ling Pei, near Tung Chung, on Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. It was built in the 12th year of Emperor Dao Guang’s reign in 1832 as a defense against the invasion of English troops as well as pirates.

When the New Territories was leased to Britain in 1898, the fort was converted into a police station. It was also used by the Wa Ying College as some point. During the Second World War, the Japanese occupied the fort.

In 1988, the fort's wall and part of the original structure were restored and an exhibition centre was built for visitors. An antiquities museum was also built and became part of the centre in May 2001. It is currently occupied by  the Rural Committee Office and the Public Primary School of Tung Chung.

The fort, which covers an area of about 5600 sq. metres, is enclosed by a granite wall. Three arched gateways, each engraved with a Chinese inscription, are spaced along the walls. On the northern part of the fort are 6 old muzzle-loading cannons,  all intact, and each resting on a cement base with enclosures made of granite blocks.

Tung Chung Fort was declared a historical monument in 1979. It is now a popular tourist attraction in Lantau Island. It is very close to Ngong Ping Trail and roughly 15 minutes away from Ngong Ping 360 by bus.

Tung Chung Fort - Arched Gateway

One of Tung Chung Fort's Arched Gateway

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