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Victoria Peak Garden - A relaxing attraction at The Peak

Victoria Peak Photo GalleryVictoria Peak Garden is a Chinese style garden that has become one of the attractions at The Peak.  The garden is managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and features a manicured lawns perfect for strolling, trees providing shade from the sun, benches for relaxing and beautiful pathways and hiking trails.

Recently, the garden was enhanced with Victorian style features including gazebos, benches, sun-dials and colorful flowers. Artifacts from the Victorian era, such as stone pillars and carvings, will be displayed to enrich the visitors' experience.

The garden also offers a vantage point which captures a magnificent view of Victoria Harbour and the night scene of Hong Kong. Aside from its beauty, the garden also offers a bit of history. Beside the park used the stand Mountain Lodge, the Governor of Hong Kong's alternate home. The old mansion was demolished but the area around it has been a declared a tourist area where local and foreign travelers alike can enjoy the surroundings. A pavilion now stands on the site of the Mountain Lodge.

Victoria Peak Garden Photo Gallery



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