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Waterfall Bay Park - A calming respite from Hong Kong's hustle and bustle

Waterfall Bay ParkWaterfall Bay Park is a small park located on a bay off the coast of Wah Fu Estate, underneath Bel Air, in Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong Island. The main attraction in this park is a waterfall which is said to be the source of Hong Kong's name, "fragrant harbor."  According to legends, the name came from locals in the southern part of Hong Kong Island who referred to Aberdeen Harbour as "fragrant harbor," in reference to the fresh water that flowed into Waterfall Bay.

The waterfall was a well-known natural landmark even before British colonization. European ships docked near the bay and sailors would refill their fresh water supplies directly from the falls before continuing their journey towards other ports in Asia. This has brought about the area's reputation as a great source of drinking water among voyaging ships. The name derived from the waterfall caught on and was later on used to refer to the entire island.

Today, the waterfall remains a breath-taking attraction and the area around it, a popular hiking destination. Next to the waterfalls are the ruins of a World War II pillbox and a Lyon searchlight, historical reminders that the area was once used as a bunker by British troops during the Second World War to defend the colony from the Japanese.

Along the park's promenade are innumerable porcelain statues of Chinese deities which have been secured on rocks facing the ocean, a repository of sorts for discarded religious figurines. The collection has immensely increased over the years and the area now serves as a garden and a place of worship for nearby communities.

Waterfall Bay Park can be accessed via taxi or bus. From Central, take buses 40, 40M, 30X or the 4 to Wa Fu. Once there, walk along Wah Fu Road, and Waterfall Bay Road will be on your left-hand side. Waterfall Bay Park is located just down the road.

Waterfall Bay Park - Chinese Deities

Chinese deities looking out to the sea. Photo source: www.bluelapisroad.wordpress.com

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