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Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church - An Unusual Landmark in Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong

Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church - Hong KongWing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church is a Christian place of worship located at 22 Heng Lam Street, in Lok Fu, Wong Tai Sin District, Hong Kong. Since its completion in 2000, the 60-metre tall church has become a popular landmark in the area because of its unusual and unique design.

Due to the lack of space in densely-packed Hong Kong, the building's designers, from TaoHo Design Architects, got inspiration from a bookshelf. Building vertically instead of horizontally, elements were stacked on top of another to accommodate all of the congregation's space requirements for their spiritual, educational, organizational and social activities.

When construction ended in 2000, the church is complete with a covered assembly ground, an assembly hall, a chapel, classrooms, administrative offices, and multi-purpose halls.

Because of the spiritual nature of the building, every aspect of its design aims to enrich the religious experience. Windows are arranged and coloured to create spaces of spiritual solace and contemplation - spaces that are intentionally luminous, alluding to the radiance of the Holy Spirit.

In the chapel, 142 pieces of stained glass depicting the six days of the Creation according to the Book of Genesis were installed to invoke the Christian value of tolerance.

Despite its modern architecture, the church did not depart from the traditional concept of a house of worship. In 2000, the building design won a Certificate of Merit from the HKIA, an accolade given by Hong Kong’s architectural community for design schemes that made significant and worthwhile contributions to the city’s built environment.

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