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Xiqu Centre - A World-Class Arts Venue in West Kowloon

The Xiqu Centre, located in West Kowloon Cultural District, is a traditional Chinese performing arts and music venue which officially opened in January 2019.

Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns and blends traditional and contemporary elements, the striking eight-storey architecture was created by leading Canadian architect Bing Thom Architects and Hong Kong award-winning architect Ronald Lu & Partners. The centre covers an area of 28,164 square meters and features a 1,073-seat Grand Theatre, a Tea House Theatre, eight professional studios and a seminar hall.

The main entrance resembles parted stage curtains which leads visitors into a vast atrium with a raised podium and space for presenting the rich and ancient culture of Chinese traditional theatre.

Located on top of the building (30-metres above the ground), the Grand Theatre is designed to be unaffected by vibrations and noise from nearby train stations and busy roads. The Tea House, a small 200-seat capacity venue furnished in contemporary Chinese style, allows audiences to participate in the tradition of drinking tea and enjoying snacks while watching the performance.

The 108-seat capacity Seminar Hall is a perfect venue for film screenings, talks and cultural exchanges. The centre also has a Chinese restaurant, a cha chaan teng, outlets selling special Chinese desserts and cakes, as well as souvenir and retail shops.

The Xiqu Centre is directly accessible from the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station (Express Rail Link terminus) and Austin MTR station. It is easy to reach by public transport from all parts of Hong Kong.

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