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Yuen Po Street Bird Garden - A Chinese-style garden and bird market in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Yuen Po Street Bird GardenYuen Po Street Bird Garden is a beautiful Chinese-style garden located at Yuen Po Street in Prince Edward, on the other side of Nathan Road in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Apart from its beautifully-landscaped gardens, the 3,000-square metre park is also known for its 70 stalls selling a variety of birds, exquisitely-crafted bamboo cages and other bird-keeping accoutrement.

Bird-keeping has always been a part of Hong Kong and Chinese cultural tradition. Birds are considered auspicious in Chinese culture and powerful symbols of new opportunities in times of adversity, freedom and happiness, and also love and commitment.

Recognizing the cultural significance of birds in Hong Kong, the government decided to relocate the original Bird Market in Hong Lok Street to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden when the district's redevelopment plans required demolishing the bird stalls in the old bird market. The garden first opened to the public in 1997.

The garden features traditional Chinese architectural elements such as several arches including a Moon Gateway, gazebos with glazed bamboo-shaped ceramic roof tiles, and perimeter walls decorated with 200 mosaic screens of various bird species. At the Boundary Street entrance is an impressive mural carving depicting over 100 birds.

The bird stalls are located in the park's several courtyards that are lined with trees. Paths are covered in granite pavers and there are seating areas that has become favorite hangout of bird fanciers and local elderly men. It is not unusual to see a bird owner with his caged pet strolling along in this park.

The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is open from 7 a.m. yo 8 p.m. daily. Its main entrance is facing Boundary Street with another entrance along Yuen Po Street. It can be reached by taking MTR to Prince Edward Station Exit B1. Walk along Prince Edward Road west towards the Mongkok Stadium for about 15 minutes.

Other nearby markets are the Flower Market and Goldfish Market.

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden - Mongkok, Hong Kong

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Mosaic murals of birds line the park's perimeter walls

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

One of the garden's mosaic murals

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Moon Gate

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Feathered creatures and ornate cages for sale

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Arched entrance

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Trees shade shoppers

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